WhatsApp Bot

Medicolize seamlessly integrates your clinic’s WhatsApp account into patient care.

Automatic Respond

Utilize the auto-reply feature to engage with patients seamlessly and personalize greetings by addressing new patients by their name and surname, prompting them to register their medical history directly through WhatsApp.

Online Reservation

Offer convenient options like online reservation, allowing patients to select branch, specialty, and doctors for scheduling appointments, and provide appointment details and queue numbers via WhatsApp messages.

E-Payment Confirmation

Enable online payment for appointment confirmation and post-visit evaluations, while automatically sending appointment invoices, prescriptions, instructions, and consent forms electronically.

Bot Assistant

Sending automatic reminders for upcoming appointments and facilitate reservation of new ones.

Allow patients to recall previous invoices or prescriptions and track their treatment plans. Additionally, provide clinic address and links to social media pages for easy access to additional information.