We make Clinic Management easier
than ever before

We provide medical clinics management software, giving the clinic owner or manager the ultimate power and maximum capabilities to monitor all the clinic aspects from one place.

Our Journey

Every Successful Business must have a story behind its success…

Spotting The Gap

The Beginning

It all started when we spotted a gap in the dental practice management software market. No complete solution to help them manage their clinics efficiently. And the available options have. bad reputations and horrible customer experience.. We gathered different dentists, accountants, and developers to build a complete solution that fits all their needs.

January 2019

Entering the Market

Launching Dentolize

After 3 years of hard working, we were able to launch Dentolize, and when we presented it to dentists they were amazed. Many Dentists started to join from allover the world and refer it to other colleagues.

February 2022

Expansion #1

Growing Up

After a while of using Dentolize, dentists started to refer Dentolize to other doctors of other specialties. Then, we started to receive many requests from other specialists, like Dermatologists, Pediatrics, Cardiologists & others. Therefore we started working on Medicolize, a specified management solution for all doctors.

January 2023


Launching Medicolize

We launched Medicolize serving all medical specialties and connecting them with suppliers, Insurance, and Laboratories.

May 2024

Going Global

Expanding to KSA

We are planing to establish our new branch in Saudi Arabia

January 2025

About Medicolize

Medicolize was lunched May-2024 as a new product owned by Xolize to provide doctors with a full management solution helps them manage their clinics without effort, saving their time and helping them achieve higher profits.

After the huge success for Dentolize, we started receiving many subscription requests from tens of doctors whom aren’t dentists, we collected their requests and studied their needs then developed Medicolize. At Medicolize We focus on serving different specialties of Medical Clinics, empowering the owner or the manager with a full control & a comprehensive monitoring over all the business aspects.

Medicolize Vision

Connecting Doctors, Clinics Staff, Patients, and Service Providers.. Saving Time, Effort, and Money.

Medicolize Mission

Frequently Developing & enhancing different features based on our customer request through our application.

About Xolize

Xolize is a software agency, established in Egypt 2019 to help make an easier world with technology and provide 

Xolize owns two management applications, Medicolize for doctors, and Dentolize specialized for dentists.

Xolize Vision

Connecting the dots between medical field organizations through one organized platform.

Xolize Mission

Developing & enhancing different suitable applications to manage different medical organizations.


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