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5 Reasons
you don't need to look any further...

When you think of a management software for your clinic, making the decision is never easy.
You need all your data organized in one place and easy to reach anytime anywhere..
You have to find something reliable and saves your time, money and effort..

Therefore, we developed Medicolize specially to help you manage all your clinic aspects.

1. Maximum Accessibility

Mobile & Web Applications

 Whether you prefer laptop, tablet, or even mobile. Medicolize uses cloud technology to help you manage your clinic from any device.

And on the go.. Just grab your phone out of pocket, launch Medicolize mobile app, and start monitoring your clinic.

Online Reservaation
Online Prescription
Treatment Plan

2. Patient Friendly

Get Connected to your patients

With a robot answers to patients allowing them to create new profile (personal data and medical history) and  make online reservations. It also automatically sends them invoices, prescriptions,  instructions, reminders, ...etc. on WhatsApp.

3. Saves Time & Effort

For you, your staff, and the patient

Medicolize uses automation, QR-Code, and multiple other tools to save time & effort for everyone in the clinic along with the patient.

4. Marketing Assistances

Do it the right way

Beside SMS campaigns you can create, and a map of your patients' distribution. There is also charts to measure the return of your different marketing campaign investments, and progress comparison.

5. Profit Increase

More income & less expenses

Medicolize helps you monitor your expenses and reduce it. Also fixes multiple issues used to cause money loss for clinics. And implied some tools to help you gain more money.

Value Proposition

We are using the Latest Technologies to enhance
your management experience

WhatsApp Bot

With your clinic WhatsApp connected to your Medicolize account, a robot will be able to reply automatically to your patients by name and title and help them make online reservations and retrieve old data automatically. While also, remind them with anything you require, whenever necessary.


Starting from the electronic invoices, ending to online payments.. all your financials are gathered in one place


We use QR-Code to enable you of sharing anything from the patient profile with the patient automatically, like treatment plan, invoice, prescription, quotation,... etc.

And share other files and details with insurance companies, labs, or suppliers.

Google Maps

Medicolize uses Google Maps to help you in many shapes. Track your employees attendance with Google Maps, share the clinic location with patients.

And the most important, getting to know your patients' distribution on Google Maps.


We enabled you to get electronic signatures of patients over consent forms, invoice, payment, or even the treatment plan..

And also your employees on hiring forms, and other businesses you deal with.

Main features

Everything you need.. Gathered in Medicolize


All patient details, medical history, clinical exams, notes in one profile, along with medical chart, operations, photos, x-rays, and insurance details.

Create different patient groups, with different prices, taxes, tags, and more..


Whether you want to do it by yourself, or you're a professional accountant, you will be able to manage the clinic finance.

With all your accounts gathered in one place, categorized incomes and expenses, in addition to treasuries, where you can track every penny.

Human Resources

Setting permissions to staff members, allows you to limit, monitor, and control everything they can see or do. Follow up & assign tasks, and calculate working hours based on location, and salaries based on operations.


With Master, Branch, and Room Inventories. Easy refill and transfer. Link items to be automatically consumed with procedures.

Now, stocktaking is a few seconds task. Also, get alarms before out of stock or expiration with limits you set.

Make purchase orders with low-stock materials and select the cheaper supplier from our recommendation list, or send it directly to your supplier on WhatsApp.

Analytics & Reports

Now you'll be able to make future decisions based on trusted information. Analyzing every single detail you enter into Medicolize and using it to give you generic or detailed reports about every aspect o f your clinic.

12,000+ Happy Clients

Explore genuine feedback from clients

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who are actually using Medicolize.

Amazing Application. Really helps me a lot in my clinic. They have solutions for every thing. Helpful team.

🇪🇬 Dr. Doaa Elmaleh

Derma Shape

Derma Medical Center

Medicolize is very simple, yet very effective hen it comes to deal with management issues, either technically or financially.

🇪🇬 Dr. Mohamed El Kardosy

Smart Pain Managment

Physiotherapy Center

In making the decision to go with Dentolize rather than a number of other software packages which have been highly promoted, a major decision of mine was to stick to a program which would be cost eective yet highly functional for a small to medium size practice.

🇸🇦 Dr. Ahmed Mostafa

Rawaat Almasah

Medical Center

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