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Our features and contracts may vary from a country to another, depending on the rules and available services on every country.
Request the subscription plans of your country and ask to take a look over the contract that guarantees all your rights before you subscribe.

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    Online Demo

    Start with online demo sharing our screen to present Medicolize, answering your questions, & making sure it meets your needs.

    Package Selection

    Then, we present our subscription plans for you, and assist you to select the best fit for your clinic.


    We send you an electronic invoice for online payment, either annually or monthly, based on your chosen subscription plan.

    After Payment

    We are still together.


    Medicolize sends you a signed contract, that guarantees your rights. And you can ask to review it before payment.

    Account Setup

    Medicollize team will assist you setting up your account to fit with the clinic's workflow, and teach you how to adjust it later.

    Transfer Old Data

    Start from where you left. Medicolize helps you transfer your old data from your current software, or Excel-sheets.

    Our Support

    We will always stay together.


    We provide comprehensive training sessions for the clinic staff based on their roles, and sessions are repeatable as necessary until full understanding is accomplished.

    Technical Support

    With a 24/7 open support channel, we are always ready to provide any kind of assistance in a minute, or give you the updates. And we do it with patience, care, and love.

    Feature Request

    The clinic staff are able to request a new feature, or vote for other clinics' requests, as they vote for yours. And our business developers frequently review your requests to apply them.