Patient Profiles

Medicolize ensures thorough management of patient information by accurately tracking and organizing every detail.

Patient Data

  • Patient’s ID number.
  • Insurance details.
  • Tax status.
  • Age or date of birth.
  • Medical history.
  • Clinical Examination.
  • Images and notes related to the patient’s condition.
  • Price list, when old price lists are deleted, patients will be billed at the new prices.
Easy search for patients by name, insurance, assigned doctor, or visit date.

Treatment Process

Enables you tracking patients’ treatment process.

  • Details about treatment and it’s progressing.
  • Requests for lab order.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Forms signed by the patient to approve procedures.
  • Tracking of inventory consumption related to the patient’s treatment.
  • Account details like invoices, payments, refunds, and quotations.

Tracking Patient's File

  • Records of past communications related to the patient.
  • A dedicated page tracking changes to the patient’s file since its creation.
  • Record of changes made to the file, including who made them and when.
  • Integration of duplicate patient files to avoid confusion.

Appointment Records

Tracking all past and upcoming appointments and their status.

Option to add reasons for appointment cancellations, set by the owner account.

Descriptive icons indicating the status of visits, like urgent or overdue.