Notifications & Alarms

Medicolize ensures instant notifications on phones and smartwatches for all users, keeping them updated on new releases and updates.

Notifications are tailored for each employee based on their tasks and roles within the Medicolize system.


Receptionists receive alerts for various tasks:

  • Alert when a new patient registers online.
  • Notification to verify patient data accuracy.
  • Alert when a patient schedules a new appointment online.
  • Notification for lab order pickup or delivery.
  • Reminder to send prescriptions and patient instructions.
  • Reminder to reserve a follow-up appointment.
  • Notification for duplicate patient files with an option to merge them.


Doctors receive notifications pertinent to their duties:

  • Notification when a new appointment is reserved.
  • Alert for any changes to appointments.
  • Reminder before appointments.
  • Alerts for emergencies, and important medical diagnoses.
  • Notifications for patient messages and inquiries.

Accountant & Storekeeper

Accountants are notified about financial matters:

  • Alert when a new invoice is issued, or payments are added.
  • Notification for pending invoices awaiting payment.

Storekeepers receive alerts related to inventory management:

  • Warning before an item runs out of stock by a specified quantity.
  • Alert before the expiration date of any item by a specified period.


Automated messages are sent to patients for various purposes:

  • Reminder to evaluate their visit.
  • Reminder messages before appointments.
  • Instructions after procedures.
  • Messages for invoices, payments, and prescriptions.