Mobile Application

Medicolize mobile application brings your clinic into your pocket literally.
Anytime.. Anywhere.. Just grab your phone out of pocket and monitor everything that’s going on in the clinic at the moment..
Just take a minute and get to know more about the efficiency of Medicolize Mobile Application at any clinic.

Using Smartphones

No more need to invest in multiple computers to cover all tasks.
One tablet in the reception will be more than enough & every staff member use their personal smartphones to complete their job.
Everything is doable through the mobile application and the web application.


Medicolize mobile application enables everyone to receive instant notifications on phones & smartwatches. Notifications are based on assignments & roles.

When anything is assigned to a staff member, they get notified at once. And some other notifications are based on their roles as doctors, admins, or accountants, ..etc.

  • New Appointment.
  • Assigned Notes.
  • Required task.
  • Inventory Stock Limit.
  • Inventory Expirations.
  • Patient Reminders.
  • Due To Pay Invoices.
  • Internal Message.
  • Online Reservation.
  • Inventory usage.

QR-Code & Camera

We made use of the smartphone camera and enabled you to use the phone’s camera to do multiple things such as:
  • Scanning material barcodes for quick inventory management.
  • Attaching any documents just by taking a photo.
  • Employees Attendance confirmation by photo.
  • Scan the patient’s QR-code to Quickly access patient files, invoices, prescriptions, and more.

Medical Chart

Even the Doctors can complete diagnoses and treatment plans on a medical chart designed specifically for their speciality through their mobile applications.


Making another use of the tablet and e-pen, we are successfully enabling your patients to electronically sign forms, consents, approvals, treatment plans, and invoices.

Use the Location

We Use the clinic location to help your patients find you faster, and to track your staff actions, also calculate their attendance hours automatically to easily determine salaries.