Medical Chart

Medicolize provides treatment planning for all medical specialties.

Treatment Process

Medicolize facilitate the creation of medical plans and generating price quotes that transition into invoices upon patient approval, with ongoing monitoring throughout the process.

The process entails three simple steps:
1. Choose the treatment area.
2. Add the treatment procedure.
3. Issue the invoice with specified operations.

Auto After-Procedure

Treatment procedures are linked to automatically generate lab orders, prescriptions, reminders, and alerts sent to patients via WhatsApp or text message.
Additionally, medical consent forms can be automatically generated, complete with electronic signatures from patients.

Internal Communication

Doctors can add written or voice notes and assign them to colleagues.

Can add photos and documents to share an overview of patient’s condition.

Pulses Counter

Automation pulse counter for each laser device.
Tracking remaining pulses within patient records, automated deleted after the expiry date, and you can notify patients prior to the expiry date.

Full Control

Owners have full control over treatment procedures, including pricing, modifications, and additions. They can segment any treatment procedure into multiple steps and specify the percentage for each doctor at each stage.