Medicolize’s record-keeping functions akin to an aircraft’s black box, meticulously tracking all activities for comprehensive insight and analysis.

It offers easy access to crucial information through specific data records and various filters, ensuring accuracy in information retrieval.


Employee's Tracking Performance

Employee Actions Monitoring:
Tracks employee actions such as modifications, deletions, and additions, alongside device used, geographic location.

Payroll Management:
Facilitates payroll management by revealing details like salaries, deductions, bonuses, and employee loans.

Attendance Monitoring:
Monitors employee attendance and working time, optimizing workforce management.

Task Management:
Provides insights into completed and pending tasks of employees, categorizing them as on-time or delayed.

Patient's Logs

Patient Record Management:

Identifies duplicate patient records and enables their merging, ensuring data integrity.

Patient Consent Tracking:

Tracks patient consent forms, distinguishing between those awaiting signatures and those already signed.

Financial Reporting:

Generates comprehensive reports on invoices, payments, and associated details for effective financial management.

Utilizes operation records to identify…

  • Planned.
  • Completed.
  • Rejected procedures, offering insights into reasons for rejections.

Marketing Tracking

Campaign Tracking:

Identifies patients registered through advertising campaigns.

SMS Message Tracking:

Tracks successful and failed SMS messages, providing opportunities for resend.