Human Resources

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Attendance and Payroll Management

Medicolize includes a strong system for
  • Recording employee attendance.
  • Tracking working hours.
  • Managing salaries, deductions, advances, and incentives.

These calculations are automated, streamlining expense management.

Doctor's Percentage

Medicolize offers a flexible salary calculation system.

It automatically calculates

  • Percentages as total.
  • Fixed amounts per procedure.
  • Monthly fixed salaries.
  • Fixed salaries plus variable percentages per procedure.
  • Determines doctors’ salary after deducting lab expenses or insurance-related procedures.

And more other options.

Performance Tracking

Task Assignment and Tracking:

Medicolize features a task assignment and tracking system.

Allowing managers to assign tasks to employees and monitor their completion progress efficiently.


Performance Comparison:

Conduct performance comparisons among different employees using Medicolize.

Enabling you to identify each employee performance across the team.