Finance & Accounting

Simplify invoicing, patient payments, clinic expenses, and staff salaries with ease.
Medicolize have an intuitive accounting system tailored for clinic owners, whether managing a small practice or a larger multi-branch clinic.

Patient's Accounts

Patient Invoices and Payments:

  • Generate invoices for selected procedures with automatic pricing based on patient fee packages and tax considerations.
  • Apply insurance discounts and assign responsibility for invoice collection, receiving instant notifications of invoices.
  • Set maximum discounts, specify payment methods, and allow patients to pay in installments.
  • Manage refunds, credits, or closure of unpaid invoices, offering online payment options directly to the clinic’s account.

Expenses and Payments

Add expenses, specify categories, and record payments with automatic inclusion of fixed monthly expenses.

Track Your Money

Treasury track cash flow, linking to various payment methods for automatic activation.
Payment gateway fees are deducted automatically, with a set schedule for transferring funds between treasuries.


  • Utilize a specialized system for employee salaries, deductions, bonuses, and incentives, with automated calculation methods tailored for doctor’s salaries and percentages.
  • Customize calculations based on various factors, including procedure types, monthly fixed salary, or variable percentage per procedure.

Specialized electronic invoicing system compliant with Saudi Arabia’s Zakat and Income Authority and Egypt’s Tax Authority.

Comprehensive Accounting

Maintain daily entries and a chart of accounts, with options to filter and organize invoices and payments for detailed insights.

Identify paid, due, and released invoices, and track income sources and payment methods.

Organize accounts with transactions and material suppliers, attaching expense-related documents for easy reference.

Reporting and Analysis

Extract reports and analyses of total clinic expenses and debts over any period, empowering informed decision-making.

Backup data anytime in PDF, Excel, or CSV format.