Dynamic Dashboard

Medicolize dashboard makes it very easy to monitor your clinic.
We developed 3 different dashboards to help owners, receptions, and admins to monitor important things from one place.
Dashboards are visible to staff members based on their roles & permissions.

Summary Dashboard

A unique dashboard for the clinic owner or manager, where they can monitor daily routine in every branch, and find the most important Informations related to management.

  • Number of new patients
  • Number of new appointments
  • Unconfirmed appointments
  • Completed procedures and in-progress or planned
  • Insurance approvals
  • Documents requiring patient signatures
  • Average patient rating for the day’s visits
  • Patients’ birthdays occurring on the day
  • Messages sent to patients
  • Laboratory order due for collection
  • Clinic revenue and expenses
  • Inventory status, including items running low or expiring soon
  • Inventory consumption value
  • Completed and pending tasks for employees

Receptionist Dashboard

With just one click, receptionists can easily execute their daily responsibilities.

Task Management:
Receptionists can create new appointments and patient files.
Track tasks assigned.
A notification bar alerts them to all required tasks.

Easier Communication:
Communicate with patients via text messages or WhatsApp.

Appointment Tracking:
Receptionists can track appointment status and updates, with the ability to add notes on patients, including information on lab orders, or emergencies.

Generate QR Link:
Receptionists can provide new patients with a WhatsApp link to enter their data and medical history and follow their queue remotely.

Attendance Records:
The dashboard records attendance and departure time.

Customizable Filters:
Receptionists can filter the dashboard using various criteria such as specific time durations or specific doctors, etc.

Inventory Dashboard

Medicolize’s Dashboard lets you effortlessly monitor…

  • Stock levels, whether materials are running low, excess, or good.
  • Track payments over time.
  • Specify the time period to see the amounts paid for the main or sub-inventories.
  • Create purchase orders for suppliers and track their status.