Analytics & Reports

At Medicolize, every data of clinic serves as a fundamental to your success.
It serve for insightful reports and analyses, empowering informed decisions and saving time and resources.

With customizable filters, access to accurate information is streamlined, and reports can be generated in Excel or PDF format:

Overview Report

Basic Report:
Provides a simplified overview for any period, detailing new patients, procedures, costs, invoices, payments, expenses, and net profit.

Salaries Report:
Monthly report on employee salaries and doctor percentages after deductions, bonuses, and more.

Income Statement:
Illustrates cash flow, profits, and losses for any period in a graphical format.

Analyzes clinic expenses and expenditure items, including expenses and invoices.

Doctors' Analysis

Understands each doctor’s time spent on procedures and percentage.

Tracks the number of procedures performed.

Comparing rates and classifying by various filters such as…

  • Doctor name.
  • Branch.
  • Insurance coverage and more…

Marketing Assistant

Analyzes total patients during a specified period, filtered by various criteria such as insurance company, price list, total payments, geographic area, and more. Provides insights into patient demographics.

Referral Sources:
Graphical representation of patient referral sources to evaluate advertising campaigns and performance.

Reports on patient and appointment numbers, waiting times, peak activity times, and appointment statuses.


Analysis inventory…

  • Value.
  • Purchase Orders.
  • Suppliers & supplies quantity.
  • Consumption, and highlights peak consumption days.